Wednesday, March 25, 2009

QT vs Boyfriend

10 reasons why Queensland Tourism is a bit like a really bad boyfriend...

1) You never know what it's thinking.
2) It made you do a psychometric test before it would consider taking things further.
3) It owns a collection of videos of other girls it's also interested in.
4) It's always judging you and comparing you to others.
5) You pour your heart out to it in a 500 word email and have to wait three weeks for a response.
6) It offers you everything and promises you nothing.
7) You know for a fact that it's recently spent a significant amount of time searching the internet for pornography involving a Russian Blonde.
8) It only likes you for your video.
9) There's the constant possibility of it rejecting you because it prefers another girl.
10) If it does dump you, it's going to be by email.

Still, QT, I pledge thee my undying love...

Congratulations Clare for absolutely whipping all of our butts and bagging the wild card. I hope that if all goes well, I will meet you and some of the other internationals at the next round...

Sarah Louise


  1. Hi Sarah,

    That post just rocked it! I agree completely hahahha...I am the "other" girl from Vancouver, Canada.

    Take care and remember, us gals can take care of ourselves!

    High 5's!


  2. This is the best post ever Ive read in Ning community. Very clever of you to compare TQ and having a BF... Have you thought sending it to TQ for them to smile and maybe reconsider you in the final round? Well, I know it will not happen, but look you such an adventorous Briton young lady. Im sure you have more opportunities in the future - more than that this best job in the world. Good luck. Rey